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    Natural Ways To Keep Bed Bugs Away

    Who would enjoy sharing the bed with bed bugs? Waking up at night trying to hunt down bed bugs that give you bed bug bites is very distressing and annoying. About 68% of the pest control professionals agree to the fact that the bed bugs are the hardest pests to control. These are tiny little creatures that run around your bed and furniture in the middle of the night in search of food which is you. They bite and suck the blood out of your body and before you wake up, they run into their hideouts which could be the tiniest creek in your cot. Before you find ways to get rid of bed bugs, here are some of the causes that trigger bed bug infestation.

    What Transports Bed Bugs To Your Home:
    Just like other insects, bed bugs also breed and grow in large numbers under conditions that favor them. Not all follow the bed bug control methods and ignore them with a myth that these do not go away easily. This makes them infest and spread everywhere. Here is a list of what brings bed bugs home.


    • Many bed bugs are transported from used furniture which already bed bugs-infested.

    • Bed bugs could live on hotel furniture that could be picked up by you on your luggage, bags and even clothes.

    • These bugs can even come home along with your child from his school. School furniture if not clean may have chances of bed bug infestation.

    • Bed bugs can come from offices, neighbor’s houses and daycares to give you bed bug bites.

    How To Look Out For Bed Bug Infestation:
    If you are in an illusion that you keep your home tidy and do not give a chance for bed bug infestation, these little creatures can prove you wrong. All that they need is blood - the only food they prefer to have and hideout - which could be the smallest hole, creek or even a space in your furniture away from human reach. Here are a few things you could check out for and see if your furniture is a home for bed bugs.


    • Tiny bloodstains on your mattresses and pillow covers mark the first sign of bed bug infestation. The stains are of your blood.

    • You could find the larvae and eggs of bed bugs on your furniture.

    • Your body would be left with red bite marks because of the bed bug bites. These could be itchy and irritating.

    • You will have an unpleasant odor coming from your bedspreads.

    • turning lights on in the middle of the night, you could see tiny bed bugs running into their hiding space.

    Natural Bed Bugs Repellent Techniques:
    Here is a list of DIYs that you can follow to get rid of bed bugs.

    • Keeping lavender plants in your room soothe your mind, give you a good sleep and shoo away bed bugs.

    • Steam iron your bedspreads and mattresses and vacuum clean all the furniture thoroughly.

    • Use stain-free bugs spray on your mattresses, curtains, and furniture.

    • Always make sure that the bed bug sprays or any repellents you use are naturally derived and safe for humans. MDX Concepts Gypsum Bed Bug spray can serve all these purposes and is safe for kids and children.
    • Declutter your room. Too many things in the room make it a good hideout place for bed bugs to thrive on.

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