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    We quite often notice that something like tiny white grains are dropping from the bottom of our kitchen countertop.....
    I've uploaded the image and video as well..please check the below link and see the video.

    You see a tiny hole?...then something like a tiny white grains is dropping from there from the attached video?
    If you see the picture of the floor, many those white ones are there....
    Whenever we find the tiny hole, we temporarily block them by a tape...however, sometimes, we even notice that there is even a tiny hole created from the tape we patched...
    Do you know by any chance what they are? I've tried to research on that..I've read some that would be possibly termite or some bugs?? I don't think those are some buggy eggs though..I really haven't seen any termite/or any buggy around our kitchen countertop though...
    Who created the tiny hole?? what are those something like tiny grains? Is that really a kind of bug created that hole and pushed something out of it???

    Any helps greatly appreciated.

    Image and Video url!AucFwFjM3eq0ghAV...lbo9Z?e=FtKmfb

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