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    Bedbug control, as many of you already probably know, is not as easy and effortless as going out there, buying a bed bug spray and spraying it around without a proper clue as to what you are up against. Hiring a professional exterminator is not the best thing to do either. All you will achieve is a 4-hour ban from your own home while it is bathed in solutions and fumes but that is hardly the worst bit. The most frustrating thing about bedbug control in bd by hiring an exterminator is that you will, in most cases, only manage to eliminate the majority of the pests. A few of them will still remain and undoubtedly multiply with renewed revenge. Bed bug control is a systematic process best carried out by yourself using the right techniques and procedures.

    Initial steps

    How to get rid of bed bugs starts with preparing your home for thorough elimination of the annoying pests. First and foremost, you need to reduce clutter around your personal space to make sure you carry out your inspection as accurately as possible. By clutter, we are not literally referring to clothes and food lying around but rather all the things you usually store in your rooms including cushions, soft toys, blankets and that kind of thing. They should all be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and embedded in a plastic bag for some time. You could also, by a stretch of the imagination, bag your laptop and your mobile phone along with any other electronics you might entertain. It just serves to make bed bug control all the more fruitful.

    Assessment for bed bug control

    It is highly recommended not to dismantle bed frames and other pieces of furniture, you might just make more room for the vicious creatures. Ideally, you should smartly identify all the hiding spots in your rooms and clean them over. A flashlight can prove to be particularly helpful to actually see the bed bugs. It can be such a waste to spray aerosols and insecticides blindly and just about anywhere. Bed bug control is best carried out intelligently rather than by impulse.

    Bed bug control

    1. For starters, bed linens and garments just cannot be treated with bed bug aerosol sprays so they will need to be laundered using hot water and later dried using high temperatures.

    2. Thoroughly clean the infested rooms and scrub the badly colonized surfaces with a stiff brush. This basically serves to not only wash away the bed bugs themselves but also to destroy any eggs they might have laid.

    3. You will also need to vacuum the bed bug harbourages for effective bed bug control. Ideally, you need to vacuum the bed stands, headboards, footboards and so on. While vacuuming does not really help suck away the pests, it definitely removes dust particles from crevices and the edges of carpets for effective penetration of the chemicals you will later come to use. The vacuum cleaner bag will obviously need to be disposed of using a sealed plastic bag after use.

    4. Do not go about throwing out your mattress. It will just be unwise. All you are required to do for your mattress is vacuum it taking special care with the seams and the edges. You can then use a bed bug aerosol spray and cover the whole set with a mattress cover for bed bugs. Clean and effective bed bug control. It does not get any more complicated.

    5. As for your pieces of furniture, if the infestation is not alarming, you can afford to use traps for bed bug control coupled with selective dust insecticides. If the colonization is rather harsh, spray aerosols for bed bug control and bed bug kits should just about do the trick. Get rid of the unwanted intruders in your home now and reclaim your own personal space.

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