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Discussion in 'General Pest Control Forum' started by Typhoon, Feb 12, 2019.


    Typhoon New Member

    Hello! I've been looking everywhere to possibly get an ID on this type of bug but no luck! Was wondering if anyone could help identify this critter,



    Franchise1307 New Member

    What part of the country do you live in
    Jesus Cole

    Jesus Cole New Member

    Seems like a different species of the bug. All I know is, the bite of such bug can lead to infections in the body. Thus it is important to get a pest control service so as to eliminate the infestation of such nasty pests. A friend of mine has recently contacted the team of Pest Control Naugatuck CT in order to get a healthy pest spraying in his garden. As the team was authorised, they offer organic pest spraying so that the plants in the garden won't get any harm.

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