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    Good Morning,
    Back in December the week before Christmas I stayed at a hotel and was getting bites and thought it was mosquitos or no see’ems (Florida, Jacksonville Navy base I am a reservist).

    I got home and my wife freaked out sent me to the garage and made me strip down. She washed everything my luggage did not come in the house, she made me jump in the shower and take a scolding hot shower (I live in FL too). We thought everything was good.

    Now, I am still getting bit and she is not. We have dogs and cats and Friday I treated them for fleas just in case. We cleaned top to bottom and bought bed bug flea fogger and fogged the house.

    Today, I woke up with the same welts on my body. There is no straight line like they say bed bugs leave. We haven’t seen any red marks or bed bug shells or anything like that.

    Does anybody know what steps I should take? I would like to do this on my own but I am at the point of hiring a pest control company. I am waking up at 0230 because of these bites. It only happens at night.

    Attached is a pic of the bites I am waking up with. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    The Day And Night Prevention Tips From Bugs!
    It is very important to be aware of different ways to get prevention from the bugs during the day as well as in night. Here are few tips mentioned below which can help you!
    • You must vacuum your suitcases before and after turning up from a vacation.
    • You must check your sheets if any tell tale blood spots are there.
    • Consider in bring a large plastic trash bags to keep up your suitcases ready during the hotel stays.
    • You must always carry your flashlights so that it can assist you in quick visual inspections.
    • You must never bring any second hand furniture in house or anywhere, especially in the box spring and mattress into a home without examining it properly. You can also consider having a pest control profession to inspect the furniture as it will be difficult for you to investigate it without proper knowledge.
    • You must regularly inspect the area where the pets sleep it can be a major sign to see the bed bugs.
    • The beds bugs are an elusive creatures, which needs an imperative seek which can only be done by hiring a professional pest control to address the infestation.
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