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    Sterling Control Program Options:
    Sterling Pest Control Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Bangalore makes available program options to suit your needs. A scheduled service every week throughout mosquito season is a worry-free way to control mosquitoes. This service is a combination of spraying Larvicide, IRS and Thermal Fogging. We also offer one-time treatments which are carried out prior to events. These are completed 24-72 hours prior to the event for maximum effectiveness.

    Program Features:
    Sterling Pest Control Services Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore offer free residential and commercial estimates for our Mosquito Pest Control Program. A thorough inspection is carried out to identify mosquito breeding areas on the property and based on the findings a program is scheduled which is best suited for your property.

    Services Offered:
    • Residential
      • Misting treatment carried out thrice inside the residential apartments, protects against the mosquito menance

    • Commertial
      • Constructional Sites: For larvae control and mosquito pest control service in constructional site for larvicidal treatment that meets the norms and the compliance of the local authorities, call us/write to us today
      • Servicing entire Mumbai city and its suburbs for these services

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    Bro, what is IRS? "This service is a combination of spraying Larvacide, IRS and Thermal Fogging." I've not used thermal fogging in a long time but feel for those needing it in their apartments for mosquitoes. In the US, keeping rain gutters clean and dry, power misting a residual or knockdown if done very regularly and not allowing puddles to build up in buckets, tires, etc or treating them with a larvacide keeps mosquito populations to a minimum.

    I bet mosquitoes are horrible there. and keeping puddles from forming that would allow reproduction would be impossible in the city and of course the country.

    Do yall have access to mosquito guppies that can be put in small ponds and if so, would they be eaten up quickly by a predator?

    I read that the CDC has said mosquitoes are the biggest threat to human health. That we can expect the huge rise in mosquito borne disease to keep skyrocketing. B/c media doesn't post the staggering statistics people don't recognize the threat.

    Please visit the iPest website and feel free to send any comments.

    Good luck and God Bless!
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    Mosquitoes are the 1st life form which we want to pest control it out from the earth. Only the female mosquitoes drink blood, While drinking blood if needed they can pass out unwanted liquids from their abdomen. Normally they bite in the morning they like to stay in cool places, but they can attack if they are disturbed and they pray in the night. There are over 3000 of species of mosquitoes in the world. The mosquito can bring Malaria, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, Zika virus etc. Fearsome fact is that 4 of the Mosquito caused diseases don’t have any vaccination. Annually the number of people are dying because of mosquitoes are 2.7 million, can you just think of it. Mosquitoes are the no.1 lethal predator for humans. Just call for a pest control service like I did jahan pest control.
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    Jahan pest control, best pest control service in Banglaedesh.

    We provide: Commercial pest control, Industrial pest control, Termite pest control, Household pest control services, Rodent control services, Bed bug services, Mosquito control services, Fumigation services.

    No more pests, Jahan pest control offers a pest free environment..
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    One of the most deadly insects that human encounters on everyday basis the mosquitoes. we aim to provide effective measures for the mosquitoes. Basically, the mosquitoes suck the human blood for food and they are a very well known vectors that spreads dangerous disease. we help effectively give many controllable measures to control the same thing. our methodology entails!

    • Spraying the outer and inner walls of the surfaces in the house and areas by the insecticides.
    • Fogging techniques: this implies in the public places and in the colonies.
    • Neutralizing the breeding places.

    Know More: Pest Control Mumbai

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