Rats: A major pest must be control

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    Ron Paul

    Ron Paul New Member

    Rats can cause a large amount of health problems for humans. It can also damage many household materials. A number of diseases that caused by rats are:
    Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
    Murine Typhus
    Rat-bite fever (RBF)
    Leptospirosis etc.
    So it is keep in mind that only the removal of the rats is not enough. Clean it from the source of it.

    crownjohnsons New Member

    Do you know any natural ways to control rats. I surely don't want to kill them but control is must

    ghenwel10 New Member

    Provided that you need to keep them away, there is an incredible 100% effective natural way -its called finding and sealing close all the section openings in your house that the rats are utilizing to gain entry. That is it. That is unquestionably the best, and the ONLY REAL effective path to keep away rats for good.

    citypest New Member

    Regain control of ants, cockroaches, mice/rats, waspsand dozens of other pests invading your home or business. its very big loss for every house or business.
    Phoenix Pest Management

    Phoenix Pest Management New Member

    It's crucial to get rid of rats and mice that have gotten into a home. Rats carry diseases that are very serious for people, and they cause many dollars of damage by chewing. Call us for rodent control in Tampa. Rat extermination is our specialty.
    Tejas N. Sonawane

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    Sterling Pest control Mumbai's advanced rodent control system protects your home and your family with our proactive and preventive service - Rodent Control.

    ipest New Member

    I'm sure you've heard of this by now: Chicago Kills Rats w/ Dry Ice.

    I've dealt with rats in a lot of different situations and know a few secrets. Maybe i Could help: https://www.corpuspestcontrol.com

    kevingarlandmagic New Member

    Rats are really the one of the most dangerous pests out there.

    Provincial New Member

    Provincial pest control provides rat removal service along with its pest control services.It has a well trained team to provide rat removal service for both commercial and residential sectors.Generally rats create holes on furniture and they are able damage other properties through their sharp teeth and claws.Therefore provincial pest control comes forward to provide rat removal services along with its pest control services.
    Sanskrita Patil

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    Rats and mice are among the most widespread and cunning of the animals that live on man for their food and shelter. Because of this dependency they can sometimes be found even in the best kept premises. They cause epidemics and diseases.

    A Sai Pest Control Mumbai performs a methodical study of rats to ensure effective rodent control Mumbai. We ensure the latest and the most effectual technology is used for pest control for rats in Mumbai. A Sai Pest Control Mumbai provides highly targeted treatment to deal with rat problems and will advise on how to keep your rats free home in the future.

    Alicia33 New Member

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