Server cabinets from Africa

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    Leading a network of servers is a very important task. An option that optimizes the organization of the servers are the cabins to organize them and have everything well functional. With many versions for different trades including with cabins for servers of great effort, exceeding 1.2 tonnes. They have IP55 service booths available for long-term fiber projects. If you are not looking to buy a standard server cabinet, they have a team of engineers dedicated to customise your server cabinet.... You can send to order a data center with specifications given by you depending on what you need for your trade. With yield and with many clients in South Africa, exactly located Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya; offering their work over there and internationally. Server cabinets for sale, of all kind that have to offer to please the customer. You can buy your server cabinet in knock down form and have it shipped anywhere across Africa. Buying flat pack server cabinets saves money on shipping.

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