What marketing works for your pest control business?

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    admin Administrator Staff Member

    We mainly market our pest control business online using google+ local & adwords, we stopped using the yellow pages years ago and it seems that is what works best for us. What about you?
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    pestfira New Member

    Google+ and adword is very good for reaching to the potential people for selling any product and/or service. I also like using those services of Google. It makes the job easier. Doing business online, those two services are very usable. One question playing in my mind, why you stopped using yellow pages? Yellow page is also very potential.
    Bill Pilkington

    Bill Pilkington New Member

    Google Ads can run away with your money if you don't keep a close eye on it. We use a management company to optimise the monthly spend.

    As for Yellow Pages, does anyone actually read it anymore? I thought most customers would simply go online to find any service?

    james New Member

    Rob Allen

    Rob Allen Administrator

    I don't think very many people read the YP's anymore but there is still a market with them. Maybe for another 5 years that's it.

    mike chiarella

    mike chiarella New Member

    ive gotten very little work from print advertising. The facebook groups have done way better , moms dads and family group pages in several towns around our area .

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