Which you like best for pest control?

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    pestfira New Member

    Friends, I am very new to this forum and this is my first thread. :)

    Which technique you like most for pest control?

    a. Manual techniques
    b. Using pesticides

    For me, the answer is when the problem is light then manual and when the attack become very dangerous then I like to use pesticides.

    What is your choice?

    shilpi New Member

    I am prefer pesticides than using manual techniques.Because pesticides are very fast.it can attack and kill by touch or ingestion.It can kill immediately or over time.Yes,it really depends on what we 're trying to control and the recommended use of the chemical in play.

    Since last few years, lots of companies offering the topmost insect control services have cropped up in the market. These companies offer the management solutions for cockroaches, termite control, bed bug , Rodent Pest control.The general methods accepted by various companies to control these nasty pests include the methodical studies, hideaway fumigation, enticement and entrap methods.

    zudithmonty New Member

    Both are very important. Important things is to find our the root of the pest to control with manual techniques and using pesticides.
    Ruben Sorenson

    Ruben Sorenson New Member

    I also prefer to using pesticides than using manual techniques. I have used best pest control Sydney services to exterminate termites. They used a baiting system which is very effective, though costly.

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    Conall Smith

    Conall Smith New Member

    Pests are a big problem in almost every third home. The various pest control chemicals available in the market aim at making the pest control much easier for you. These pest control chemicals are specially prepared for controlling a particular type of pests.
    Tejas N. Sonawane

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    Provincial New Member

    Provincial pest control follows appropriate and genuine pest control methods in-order to provide long term service. Our team members are well trained to provide safe and safety services in our pest control methods.Now-a-days people are following several pest control methods to get long term benefits but some time it does not help them. But provincial pest control follows unique pest control methods procedure to provide better services.
    Sanskrita Patil

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    Avon Pest Control

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    Both could be very harmful to you and to your environment if not used properly. For safety and effective results, contact one or our experts at Avon Pest Control and get some helpful tips.
    Rajesh Shah

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